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Mole Removal

$ 10 each from
  • C02 Laser

Deep Facial Cleansing

$ 129
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Facial Whitening

$ 139
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$ 199
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Eyebrow Tattoo

$ 200 from
  • Feather technique


Facial Care

Relaxing Facial – $89

Facial Deep Clean – $129

Deluxe Facial – $129

Facial Whitening – $139

Ance Treatment – $139

Anti-Aging – $149

Micro-Needling – $199

Peeling – $199-$299

Hydrolifting – $349

MacSure Skin Treatment – from $349

Body Care

Heat Therapy 1 hour – $129

Body Slimming per Session – from $120


Eyebrow from – $12

Whole Face – from $40


Eyeliner – $200

Eyebrow – $300

Hairline from – $300


Hair Removal from – $39

E Toning/IPL from – $10

Mole, Wart, Pigmentation,

Sunspot Removal from – $10

Whole Face – $99

Teeth Whitening – $129

Booking required for Vitamin and Botox Injection for face and body for Saturday and Sunday

Do you know MacSure?

What is MacSure?

MacSure is machine that uses Radio Frequency to treat your skin. It is one of the first machine to use both fractional RF and thermal RF for skin treatment. The simultaneous use of praxel laser and high frequency has shown reproducing and regenerative effects in the epidermis. The multi-polar high frequency method regenerates the collagen in the dermis layer which induces the effect of improving wrinkles, tightening pores, reducing sagging and repairing acne scars.

What are the benefits of MacSure treatment?

– Elimination of wrinkles and lines

– Tightens pores

– Reduces sagging

– Repairs acne scars

– Corrects Skin pigmentation

– Improves Skin texture

– breaks down coagulation of soft tissue

– Promotes the resurfacing of new skin

– Treats rhytids

Why MacSure?

MacSure is a non invasive procedure that uses radio frequency fraxel without a needle. Having use of Thermal RF and Fractional RF, it has the ability to care for both the epidermis and dermis layers at the same time.

The multi-polar frequency management eliminates spark splashing, hightening accuracy and reducing unnecessary stimuli around the target area. Therefore, the possibility of sudden tone changes and side effects greatly decrease.

MacSure uses 64 pins of energy which are evenly distributed maximising stability and accuracy whilst minimising downtime and pain. Also, the tip of the laser can be replaced after one use, promoting cleaniness.