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Our Shop History

A West Rydian since 2003.

In 2003, our first branch opened in West Ryde. Fortune favoured us and we were blessed with such wonderful customers.

In 2006, plans were made to expand the business.

In 2007, we successfully opened two more branches; one in Pitt St Town Hall and one in George St Central. 

All three branches flourished and the wonderful encounters with amazing customers continued.

In 2010, ideas on further expanding were discussed.

In 2012, the fourth store located in Woden Westfield Canberra opened.

In 2014, one of our trusted members who worked beside us for 6 years decided to open a fifth store in our name. Located in Cabramatta, it is going strong to this day.

With five stores under the belt, business soared. 

Unfortunately, with age, Sing Song made the choice to scale down. 

Only keeping one in West Ryde, the other branches were sold. 

Now, she pours her heart into the one store that remains. With hope and love, she welcomes her customers.


Sing Song

A short story about Sing Song

In year 2003, one ambitious lady had a dream goal. To become a business woman who can provide happiness to the people.

For the next 18 years, she faced many obstacles and hardships but here she still stands to this day. Succeeding in opening a one stop beauty shop. Her next mission; to spread happiness throughout her community through the business.

Our Core Values

To provide a safe space for our customers and be able to spread love throughout the community!

Our team

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Sing Song

Founder / Head Beautician


Specialises in Keratin and straightening