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Word from the sing song team

Whaaaaat? It’s already half way through the year?!

Well, I pray that everyone has been planting great seeds in the first half of the year and 

that the second half, the harvesting, would be even greater!

I’m unsure how many people come in to visit our website, nor if anyone is willing to spend time reading the fine print in these websites, 

so I figured I could be sneaky and write a little something here! 

Having been open for 20 years, this shop has become a part of the community; 

Through the experiences we shared, the growth we witnessed and the change that brewed…

Thank you to all of our supporters young and old! 

We really appreciate your time and love that you have shown us throughout our journey!

We hope you find everything you need or wish to find on this site, if there are any additional information you wish to know, please do not hesitate to give us feedback on our facebook or instagram!